• Core3 Network provides the best VOIP services consisting of the leading Tier1 carriers.
  • Full A-Z rate for all our four quality service levels, which include premium routes. Rates are updated weekly and always giving the best and up to date prices.
  • With Core3 Network, you can sign up for a free test account to our A-Z rate list.
  • Free test account will allow you to test our services before moving going live.
  • Network support is available 24/7.

Wholesale VoIP Termination

Core3 Network is a World’s leading call termination VoIP provider, inclusive of superior wholesale VoIP. We provide telephony services to carriers, businesses, and other VoIP trunks. Our network is designed with reliability and high-quality service and can accommodate any need you might have. All this while maintaining an affordable price. Furthermore, Core3 provides a voice origination service (wholesale) as well as international voice termination service.